How Automation Is Changing Industries

By Champions Admin / Dec 1 2017

What is IT Automation?

Automation is exactly as the name suggests, the introduction of automatic processes or tools in order to reduce the amount of time spent on a task. This is not a new concept however in 2017 we are seeing more Automation and DevOps tools being embraced within organisations to improve processes throughout.

The power for IT Automation to optimise your business and enable you to gain competitive advantage should not be understated. In the coming years, businesses that fail to embrace new ways of thinking and improve their Automation processes will likely fall behind those with more forward thinking plans. Jumping on board now will be akin to upgrading all your PCs to Windows 10 ready for the next upgrade while your competitors continue to plug away with Windows XP creating more work and inefficiencies in the long run.

Potential Business Applications for Automation

All businesses can benefit from the application of Automation processes. Detailed below are some areas businesses are looking at using Automation to cut-costs and create business efficiencies:

  1. IT On-boarding/Off-boarding Staff
    Tools such as Airwatch, Jamf Pro and MobileIron can assist in creating a workflow whereby when your new staff come in for their first day their machine is completely ready to go with all the tools they need pre-installed. On the flip side, when an employee leaves, your IT could have an automated process that only requires the click of a button to format the workstation and then another click to set it up, ready for the next user.
  2. CRM Automation
    Arguably the most important tool within a business when it comes to customer management is the CRM platform. Many CRMs have Automation tools built in or can otherwise integrate with other platforms to provide an Automation based workflow, ultimately leading to business efficiencies. Your sales team can benefit from the improvement in workflows that will allow them to do what they do best, to Sell. It is not always easy to navigate these tools and sometimes time consuming to understand how they link together, have a chat with your IT provider to see if they can assist in this area.
  3. IOT Automation
    The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to the numerous devices we are now seeing that are given ‘smarts’ by the aid of computer chips as well as Wi-Fi access in many instances. With an array of sensors and internet connectivity you can activate or deactivate any number of devices in your office to provide a ‘WOW’ experience for your clients. Enterprise businesses may be interested in the application of Blockchain technology (See the post on Blockchain here) combined with IOT devices and sensors that could revolutionise the way they track assets, manage staff pay and improve supply chain processes.
  4. Automatic Backup Monitoring
    Backups are exceedingly important for a business, they mitigate risk in the event of a disaster and provide businesses with a level of safety to get them back up and running if disaster strikes. Backups are generally known to be highly important within a business however monitoring of the backups themselves is often overlooked. Some providers such as Zabbix provide a enterprise grade monitoring platform that can be tied in with Veeam or other backup software to automatically monitor backups. There are a range of options in this space, it is best to discuss with your IT provider to see what is available for your unique setup.
  5. Customer Engagement and Lead Generation
    Many businesses survey their customers to determine satisfaction levels. Businesses also use a variety of tactics to generate leads including word of mouth, targeted marketing and various forms of advertising. In this day and age using technologies such as Automation, a lot of the legwork can be removed when surveying or generating leads. Tools such as Nudge utilise AI to target customers providing analytics and reporting based off of the ‘digital footprint’ of the users. Automation tools and processes can be implemented to improve customer engagement, surveying, iron out any issues and create customer loyalty all while saving time and money.

Automation isn’t coming, it is already here, its time get involved and be a part of the change before its too late.

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