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Welcome to Champions of Change! We build and design intelligent, long-term solutions for all of your IT requirements. We are a young, vibrant team who collectively possess a range of experiences that make us not only flexible but also highly skilled and equipped to take on any challenge, large or small.

Unlike many of the information technology companies, Melbourne and its surrounding areas are serviced by, we do not sell technology, but instead, prefer to build lasting relationships with our clients. At Champions of Change, we believe in the idea of “complexity made simpler” and prefer to involve our stakeholders in the conversation as we undertake each project to create a culture of open communication that ultimately leads to a greater mutual understanding. IT support services are increasingly becoming the life-blood of the business world. Regardless of size, each business depends on their IT infrastructure to enable them to communicate with customers, process orders, chase debts and track stock levels, to name but a few areas in which it is unthinkable to try and manage without it. IT support caters to businesses based on their specific needs.

Where one business may only require support when something breaks, another may prefer to eliminate risk by hiring a company to monitor their systems and proactively troubleshoot any potential stumbling blocks. With office space a major cost consideration other businesses will choose to outsource their IT support to a managed service.

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What you can do if your competitors start to gain ground

If you are the type of business that has experienced success in the past but perhaps has found that in recent months or even years your systems are out-dated, or a more efficient, cost-effective way of doing things might be out there then Champions of Change can identify areas in your IT infrastructure that could be improved and then, based on your needs, tailor our solutions to ensuring that your business can find that competitive edge once again.


Everything you need in an IT support company

At Champions of Change, our hybrid skillset make us the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes in Melbourne. Our young, modern business offers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to:

•    PC Tech Support

•    IT Consulting

•    Managed IT Support

•    Cloud Solutions

•    Small Business Support

•    Network Upgrades

•    New Infrastructures

•    Office 365 Upgrades

To date, we have achieved an incredibly positive response from our clients with 75% of our professional relationships having been extended to between 4 and 10 years and 99% of all clients stated their intent to purchase from us again.


The value of a business support ‘partner’

Melbourne IT companies typically market themselves as support services. The difference at Champions for Change is that we don’t see ourselves as just a support service, but instead approach each new client with the possibility of establishing a long-lasting partnership built on effective communication and a reliable, dedicated team.

Here at Champions for Change, we want to use our extensive knowledge to improve the efficiency of your IT systems and as a consequence your company’s ability to succeed.

So, if you believe the time is right to step your business up to the next level fill out the enquiry form online, or get in touch via phone, email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and let’s start that conversation!

Champions of Change is a new business in Melbourne changing the readily accepted norms when it comes to IT. We offer IT solutions, tech & computer support as well as cloud computing services. Inquire on our website or call us for more details.


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Level 2,  63 Exhibition Street,
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
1300 451 181


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Satisfaction with customers

99% considered Champions a value for money partnership.
99% are likely or very likely to purchase from Champions again.
98% would recommend the continued purchase of Champions on their industry.
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