Join the Champions of Change Movement with HPE GreenLake and Specsavers.


Modernising for Success with HPE GreenLake.

Witness how Specsavers revolutionized its IT infrastructure with HPE GreenLake, laying a solid groundwork for success by transitioning from on-premise equipment to a consumption-based model. Discover how this collaboration empowered Specsavers to tackle obstacles and maintain flexibility.

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Finding the Right Partnership for Your Business.

Experience the confidence and certainty your business needs with HPE GreenLake, just like Specsavers did! Discover how Champions of Change collaborated with Specsavers to provide customized solutions that fueled their business growth. Trust in a partner who truly comprehends your business needs and see the power of a reliable partnership.

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Keeping Up with the Latest Technologies.

Specsavers prioritise innovation and continually search for improved solutions to stay ahead. Explore how HPE GreenLake helped them handle our legacy systems while also embracing modern techniques. Find out how the partnership with Champions of Change kept us abreast of the latest technologies.

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Here’s Some Of The Insights We’ll Reveal At Your GreenLake Assessment

  • Achieve Greater Agility: With HPE GreenLake, you can rapidly deploy and scale IT resources to meet the needs of your business, without the wait times associated with traditional infrastructure procurement processes.
  • Drive Operational Efficiency: By using a consumption-based pricing model, HPE GreenLake allows you to pay only for the resources you use, reducing wasted capacity and improving cost predictability.
  • Enhance Security and Compliance: HPE GreenLake provides a secure and compliant environment for your data, with built-in encryption, monitoring, and compliance controls that help you meet regulatory requirements.
  • Accelerate Innovation: By freeing up resources previously dedicated to maintaining infrastructure, HPE GreenLake lets you focus on innovation and driving business value through new technologies and applications.
  • Simplify IT Management: HPE GreenLake provides a unified platform for managing all of your IT resources, regardless of where they reside, reducing complexity and improving visibility into your infrastructure.

Make the move to HPE GreenLake with Champions of Change and gain these insights and more to take your business to the next level!


This award recognises an enterprising candidate with a risk-taking mentality, honouring excellence in launching new ventures, products or services. This individual has a proven background in building innovation from the ground up, by creating market-leading ideas into viable business offerings.
The award was Presented by Renee Cathcart the group owner of marketing, enterprise and commercial steering, Telstra. The award was accepted by the Founder of Champions of Change, Xara Tran.


Collectively, the ARN innovation awards in 2021 stands tall as the leading forum for setting the industry benchmark for ecosystem excellence across Australia.
We are honoured to be in the company of the greatest technology minds in Australia, competing alongside the greatest technology businesses in Australia.

Flexible & Scalable, Like Your Business, Even In Tough Times. See Our Industry Recognitions

How Champions Of Change became an HPE GreenLake superstar

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Embrace Hybrid Cloud - A vision for the future of eye health

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Champions of Change opens Specsavers’ eyes to HPE GreenLake

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HPE Strengthens Partner Ready Program

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HPE Strengthens Partner Ready Program

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Champions of Change: Winning with HPE GreenLake

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Champions of Change, HPE and Specsavers with HPE GreenLake roll out new customer experiences with the ability to scale up and down without an upfront technology investment.

The Impact:
Specsavers has broken the cycle of infrastructure procurement, ownership, and upgrade. HPE GreenLake allows them to avoid committing capital for another five-year spend while they figure out what the future looks like. If their business changes, they can easily expand their private cloud so they can actually get the benefit of a hybrid cloud in a consumption model. As Specsavers continues to roll out new customer experiences, it can scale to meet demand without regard to hardware needs.

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