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Most companies rely on technology these days and a major technological failure can be a huge problem for a business. Indeed, figures show that a high proportion of companies eventually go out of business if their IT systems are out of action for a long period. You need to ensure that doesn’t happen to you by making sure your IT systems are fully supported and that the support you have is completely reliable.

Large companies, of course, have their own IT support and employ enough technical staff to ensure they’re adequately covered. For small and medium-sized companies, however, that generally isn’t practicable and other means of support are needed. At Champions of Change, we can provide that support because we have staff that are widely experienced in a range of hardware and software technologies.

We can provide the level of tech support you need in Melbourne and put you on an equal footing with the bigger companies by ensuring your systems work efficiently and reliably. Technology will only achieve the results you expect if it works as it should do so we’ll aim to achieve maximum uptime and peak efficiency at all times.

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Fast IT Technical Support for SME Businesses

With their increasing reliance on IT systems, companies can’t afford to be without them for too long. Faults have to be identified and resolved quickly or, preferably, avoided before they occur. Because we can provide local support for small and medium-sized businesses and, because we have knowledge and experience of many systems, we are ideally placed to ensure that happens.

Our aim is to keep everything running as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we can provide a variety of services that include proactive support to identify problems before they happen or mitigate their effect, or reactive support to resolve problems quickly.

Proactive support can cover:

  • On-going monitoring of servers, networks and all devices connected to networks
  • The creation of adequate security copies and back-up systems to ensure minimum system interruption
  • Installation of anti-virus and other protection software
  • Help to plan and monitor system and software upgrades
  • Development of a disaster recovery plan to alleviate major problems
  • Effective security procedures.

Reactive support can be provided on-site, online or by telephone answers to queries and problems, at a time to suit you. Any major issues that cannot be resolved quickly will be escalated and prioritised to ensure the fastest possible solution.


Technical Support to Meet your Needs in Melbourne

We can provide technical assistance on a variety of topics — software and equipment procurement, compliance, upgrades and much more. We can undertake system assessments and security audits, provide performance reports and advise when hardware or software needs to be renewed or upgraded. Whether you have on-premise systems or operate in the cloud, we can help.

All businesses are unique and so we’ll treat you that way by setting up the level of technical support you need — no more and no less. Technology is there to help, not complicate matters, and we’ll make sure there’s no hassle.

Our overall aim is to ensure that your systems run as fully and efficiently as possible so that your business is also efficient and profitable. As technology becomes ever more complex and integral to a company’s operation, we can relieve the worry of making it all work properly. And because the technology works properly, so will your business.

Contact us today for more information on our services and how we can help your company.

Champions of Change is a new business in Melbourne changing the readily accepted norms when it comes to IT. We offer IT solutions, tech & computer support as well as cloud computing services. Inquire on our website or call us for more details.

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