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Starting a business is a daunting and exhilarating undertaking. It’s also one that, for the vast majority of entrepreneurs and visionaries, demands a significant amount of their time if the venture is to succeed and thrive. Getting it right the first time is everything, but in our technologically driven economy are you prepared for the possibility of your IT systems suddenly letting you down? Can you afford to absorb static downtime while customers potentially look up your competitors online?

Fortunately, Champions of Change provide modern, creative IT support services in Melbourne SMEs can rely on, so that any system malfunction is quickly and professionally resolved. IT is an unavoidable part of modern business. However, while the business of doing business is typically the primary concern, as the business grows so too must its IT infrastructure to cope with the increased demand and supply.

As such, once a business reaches a certain level of success, IT becomes an issue that cannot be ignored and must be invested in. Failure to implement an infrastructure that can support and be relied upon daily is a risk no growing business can afford to take.

This is where IT support excels by providing a service dedicated to the health and maintenance of your IT infrastructure and allows you to dedicate your energy to the business at hand without having to worry about an IT failure grinding everything to a halt.

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Melbourne’s Instant IT Services for Corporate Sectors

IT support is flexible depending on the needs of the customer. A business may require a fully managed service that provides a hands-on approach to ensure your IT is always up to scratch. Others may only need break or fix support, which entails remote troubleshooting and resolving of the issues as and when they arise. Another option is to invest in a monitored support, which proactively and routinely tests that the IT infrastructure is fit for purpose, and, where it is lagging, takes steps to immediately rectify the issue.

At Champions of Change, we tailor dependable, long-term solutions to your business needs that are designed to reduce overheads. Our services include, but are not limited to:

•    Managed Services

•    Project Services

•    CIO as a Service

•    Consultancy and Procurement

•    Business Solutions

•    Enterprise Mobility Management

Complexity Made Simpler

Our ethos is “complexity made simpler” and to date, our reputation has received an overwhelming approval rating from our customers with 99% stating their intent to purchase from Champions of Change again; citing our Melbourne IT services as a value for money investment.

98% would also recommend the continued purchase of our service for their industry and 75% of our professional relationships have lasted from 4-10 years and beyond.

We want to empower our SME partners to compete with the best in their field and we seek to achieve this by involving our stakeholders in the conversation and finding strategic goals and objectives together.

Don’t just settle, invest!

Whether you are a single person operation making a notable impact or a small to medium player on the rise the reliability of your IT will always play a major part in your success. An investment now could be the difference between sustained growth and watching your competitors strive ahead.

So, why leave anything to chance. The best IT services Melbourne has to offer are waiting for you at Champions of Change and we hope that your enquiry will be the start of a long, mutually rewarding relationship.

Champions of Change is a new business in Melbourne changing the readily accepted norms when it comes to IT. We offer IT solutions, tech & computer support as well as cloud computing services. Inquire on our website or call us for more details.

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99% considered Champions a value for money partnership.
99% are likely or very likely to purchase from Champions again.
98% would recommend the continued purchase of Champions on their industry.
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