HPE GreenLake powers Specsavers IT transformation

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This award recognises an enterprising candidate with a risk-taking mentality, honouring excellence in launching new ventures, products or services. This individual has a proven background in building innovation from the ground up, by creating market-leading ideas into viable business offerings.
The award was Presented by Renee Cathcart the group owner of marketing, enterprise and commercial steering, Telstra. The award was accepted by the Founder of Champions of Change, Xara Tran.


Collectively, the ARN innovation awards in 2021 stands tall as the leading forum for setting the industry benchmark for ecosystem excellence across Australia.
We are honoured to be in the company of the greatest technology minds in Australia, competing alongside the greatest technology businesses in Australia.
ARN INNOVATION AWARDS 2023 - THINK DIFFERENTLY & SALES EXCELLENCE https://www.arnnet.com.au/article/708768/arn-innovation-awards-2023-and-the-finalists-are/

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Champions of Change, HPE and Specsavers with HPE GreenLake roll out new customer experiences with the ability to scale up and down without an upfront technology investment.

The Impact:
Specsavers has broken the cycle of infrastructure procurement, ownership, and upgrade. HPE GreenLake allows them to avoid committing capital for another five-year spend while they figure out what the future looks like. If their business changes, they can easily expand their private cloud so they can actually get the benefit of a hybrid cloud in a consumption model. As Specsavers continues to roll out new customer experiences, it can scale to meet demand without regard to hardware needs.


Managed IT Services

Leave your IT support with us and never get stuck with another costly tech-headache again! We’ll be there whenever you need us to troubleshoot your problems, monitor your systems and get your IT environment working seamlessly.

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IT Consulting

Get our expert insights into your business needs and see how IT innovations can help you achieve your long-term business goals. We’ll patiently work with you to develop your idea and help you what’s possible for you with technology.

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IT Procurement

When you need to purchase new software, hardware, SaaS or anything else tech-related, we can help you find the highest quality solution at the lowest price. Our extensive vendor network allows us to get you the best deals!

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CIO As A Service

You may not need a full time CIO in your business, however every business needs what a CIO does. We can develop your policies and practices and help with planning, budgeting and training for your company’s technology.

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Business IT Solutions

Lets take a deep dive into your business and uncover where technology innovations can help your employees become more productive and efficient. We only prescribe solutions when it can really help you – not just to sell products.

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Consumption Models

Build and deploy custom consumption solutions that simplify your IT infrastructure while maintaining your privacy and control.

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Your IT systems can be an incredible tool for increasing your productivity and efficiency – however they can also be the source of your greatest frustration. When you have old, outdated systems and technology or haven’t got them set up correctly they can be a massive bottleneck for your company. Our Melbourne IT service quickly solves your problems and proactively finds hidden opportunities which maximise your efficiency and slash your costs. We are always looking for ways we can creatively bring you more revenue through new technology solutions and overhead reduction. Read More

Business IT Support & Services in Melbourne

The modern world is one that relies on connection; connection through social media, connection through networking and many of the other incredible opportunities that the web has created for us. Unfortunately, we are so ‘connected’ through our technology that we are losing our real connection – between people.  At Champions of Change we believe an industry disruption is due. As individuals, and as businesses, we simply cannot get the best out of the incredible technology at our disposal, if we sacrifice our personal interactions as collateral damage. At the end of the day, businesses are run by people, for people. The success of a business doesn’t just rely on the quality of products, but also on exceptional customer services and interpersonal communications. Champions of Change is a dynamic company looking to challenge the status quo: We don’t just want to sell IT services in Melbourne, we want to build deeper and more meaningful connections in an industry that relies on impersonal technology to connect with clients.

Comprehensive IT Services for Businesses

As young, modern service providers in Melbourne, we understand the intricacies of business IT and the services required to have your company running at optimum levels. These are some of the IT services that we provide for our clients:

Fast & Hassle Free Business IT Support

When it comes to tech support in Melbourne, whether that’s consolidating servers, improving your application delivery, improving or upgrading your IT infrastructure or simply outsourcing your IT solutions, we can definitely help you out. Champions of Change is a dynamic, talented team of young IT professionals that promise to deliver not just incredible IT solutions, but to exceed your expectations when it comes to customer service too. We create, explore, innovate and disrupt the norms in a complacent industry to help our clients exceed their own expectations when it comes to IT. We see trends, identify risks and come up with creative solutions to solve them for your business ahead of time.  We are doers, dreamers, and disruptors looking to take your business to the very heights of your industry. If you are looking for a company that provides long-term solutions, intelligently – then you’ve found the right people. Contact us, or simply fill out an online form and let’s solve problems together. Champions of Change: Creating connections while providing comprehensive IT solutions for business. Champions of Change is a new business in Melbourne changing the readily accepted norms when it comes to IT. We offer IT services & consulting. See more about us on our socials. Read Less


We keep our team lean and agile so you don’t need to fund our bloated payroll. You’ll never deal with someone unqualified to help you either because we only accept true IT professionals who are masters in their specialty area. When you have a problem we can have a team member help you remotely almost instantly or get them on the ground in your business tackling the issue on the frontline. You’ll keep your downtime and lost productivity to a bare minimum so you can make as much money as possible.


Some of the biggest organizations in Australia, government, enterprise, education and corporates, have enlisted our services to improve their efficiency and cut needless expenditure. We were able to find the root-cause and underlying issues of their IT problems and provided cutting edge, innovative solutions which maximised their productivity and ROI on technology.

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    When you meet with us to discuss your IT needs you won’t get a hard sell or any ‘cookie-cutter’ strategies. We take the time to listen to exactly what problems you face, find out what the root causes are and what it’s stopping you from achieving. Only after listening carefully to what problems you face can we correctly diagnose the issues and prescribe a bulletproof solution which aligns with your business. We’ll then research the best technology which gives you a long-standing result and negotiate with our vendors to get you the best deal possible.


    Other IT companies see themselves as a necessary and ongoing expense for you. We have a different mentality – IT support is necessary, however you shouldn’t need to have ongoing costs to fix the same problems over and again. We strive to solve your problems quickly so we can move onto your next business issue and proactively look to where we can make and save you money at every turn. And while we provide visionary solutions which allow you to easily scale your business, our expert team can also easily solve your day-to-day IT issues.

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    Discover How To Increase Your Company’s Efficiency, Cut Wasted Spending And Solve Your Most Complex Problems With Our Bulletproof IT Solutions

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    Here’s Some Of The Profitable Insights We’ll Reveal At Your Free IT Health Check…

    • ACT NOW: DON’T FALL FOR THE EXPENSIVE IT INDUSTRY TRAP IT service providers see themselves as a necessary ongoing expensive for you which means they don’t give you future proof solutions to your problems!
    • The Clever Way To Stop IT Accidents Before They Happen We can sift through your history, monitor your systems and catch mistakes before they snowball into a catastrophic expense using modern technology
    • 3 Easy Methods To Buy Technology Well Under RRP These simple yet highly effective methods can slash the margins on your technology and get vendors in a price-war in order to secure your business
    • Why You Could Be At Serious Risk Of An IP Hacker Attack Your company’s IP is fully secure from hackers right? Don’t be so sure – you must stay a step ahead of the online crooks and protect your valuable assets
    • How To Skyrocket Your Efficiency And Profits Using IT There are countless new advances and systems developed each year which you can use to increase your productivity and streamline your employees
    Reserve your free IT health check

    Discover How To Increase Your Company’s Efficiency, Cut Wasted Spending And Solve Your Most Complex Problems With Our Bulletproof IT Solutions



    Speak with a consultant today and get a full blueprint analysis to ensure your company’s IT is bulletproof AND future-proofed against new developments. In your IT Health Check you’ll discover:

    • Where your company’s most vulnerable IT weaknesses are and how to easily fix them and eliminate your risk
    • Where to find your biggest IT profit opportunities which improve your IT and save money and time
    • A 3-year roadmap to ensure your IT solutions are optimised and won’t fail you (a reactive band-aid fix will become outdated and fail fast)

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